Commercial Services

Brushing Brilliance into Every Stroke Where Precision Meets Perfection, We're Your Trusted Partners in Commercial Painting Excellence!"

Renovaint is a team of licensed and skilled commercial painters. We offer professional experience in commercial painting services across GTA. Our team of experts approaches your painting project with the utmost regard for professionalism and guarantee highly durable painting results every time. Not only have we delivered quality results but have also build ongoing and lasting relationships with many of our previous commercial clients. 

Your Premier Resource for Painters, Where Trust and Excellence Converge on Every Project !

From sales and estimation through to finish and follow-up, Renovaint has the expertise, professionalism and resources to manage any commercial painting project, regardless of scale, condition and difficulty. Our reliable teams are experienced in delivering high quality work within tight deadlines and work to a schedule that suits the needs of your facility and occupants

We Renovaint Projects like:

Office spaces
Government & heritage buildings
Car parks
Childcare centres
Religious Institutions
Entertainment venues
Medical clinics
Transport & logistics projects
Shopping centres
Schools & Tertiary institute
Office towers