The popcorn ceiling has been a popular choice for home decoration since the 70s or 80s because it lets homeowners hide imperfections without sacrificing quality acoustics. However, because they collect dust, are hard to clean, and simply feel outdated and old-fashioned, most homeowners remove them when updating their homes.

Next, our team will begin the popcorn removal process by carefully scraping it off the ceiling, followed by skim coating and sanding for an even drywall and finally priming and painting to give a smooth and polish finish.

Pop Corn Removal Process

When customers think about pop corn removal process, they usually imagine being forced to leave for weeks or months.Renovaint, on the other hand, ensures that your home looks stunning with a clean sleek ceiling and a fresh paint job in no time.

To keep the area clean, our professional crew starts by protecting the floor and furnishings with plastic or drop cloths that are securely fastened with tape.

Why choose Renovaint Painting for popcorn removal?